Who We Are

Fort Capital Solutions brings together a complete capital market financing and execution solution under one roof. We cover both the traditional and digital securities providing strategic, operational and organisational services.

We combine a wealth of knowledge and experience from traditional capital markets with unparalleled expertise in project management in the digital asset sector. We have proven working experience in fund management, alternative assets (venture capital and private equity), real estate, equities, derivatives and fixed income sectors.

Fort Capital Solutions focuses on high potential projects and companies in the UK and Europe, as well as sustainable large infrastructure projects in the developing world. Our diverse clients range from small start-ups to large corporations.

What We Do

Fort Capital Solutions guides corporations through the complete
capital market cycle for both traditional and digital securities.

We leverage in-house capabilities and partnerships to provide a range of listing, transactional, fundraising and arranging services to our clients. In addition, we offer flexibility, experience and hands-on project management.

We pride ourselves on the quality and integrity of our work. Our proposition is based on:

Expertise: With a combined 100 years of experience in investment banking, we have comprehensive traditional capital market knowledge. Fort Capital Solutions has also been instrumental in a number of digital securities initiatives.

Flexibility: Fort Capital Solutions prioritizes our client’s interests to pinpoint the most optimal solution. As such, we execute projects and mandates on a bespoke basis over predetermined models.

Integrity: We maintain objectivity, provide our genuine point of view and clarity on subjects outside our domain of expertise

Reputation: Building relationships is key to our success. We focus significant attention, understanding and problem solving to execute projects with our clients.


Initial Analysis
Initial Evaluation and Due Diligence
Assess the financing needs and robustness of the project/company
Investor Due Diligence and KYC Onboarding
Ensure investor suitability, compliance and KYC protocols
Generate original research, define and challenge the core value proposition
Structuring & Capital Raising
Private Placement Marketing and Capital Raising
Conduct in-depth research and produce investor ready marketing collaterals. Assess appetite, identify and contact potential investors, assist in transaction closing
Financing Solutions and Term Sheet Negotiations
Assist in the selection of the appropriate financing structure
Digital Assets
Evolution of regulated digital assets in global securities markets
Transactional & Post-Market
Listing on a Stock Exchange
Access to regulated digital exchanges
Secondary Market Access and Post Transaction Management
Offer client access to global markets and products and provide a secondary market
Project Management Services
Act as a unique point of contact between all counterparties involved (regulatory, legal, technology) in order to ensure successful project launch


Philip Young, CEO

Philip’s investment career began 25 years ago in London as an equity and derivatives salesman, then proprietary trader. He subsequently spent a decade in investment management, initially as an analyst for a hedge fund in Tokyo, then as an investment committee member for an emerging market private equity firm based in Hong Kong, Mumbai, Dubai and London. Philip was part of the founding management team that established the Gibraltar Stock Exchange in 2012.

Peter Romilly, Director

Peter’s career began as a futures broker in 1987, becoming exposed to a wide range of on-exchange and OTC investment instruments. He began to specialise in FX, running a derivatives market-making desk for a European bank. As the FX market moved online, Peter moved more into the risk management and operations side. At Fort Capital Solutions, he is responsible for compliance and operations.

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